Burrito Splendido is quick, fresh and casual Mexican Food served by our friendly friendly staff. 

At Burrito Splendido we believe that the best food is usually found close at hand. That's why we source our ingredients locally where and whenever possible. All of our flour tortillas are pressed fresh in house using only the best Manitoba Flour. The pork for our Carnitas, the beef for Barbacoa and the chicken for our Adobo Chicken are all found nearby. Our meats are slow cooked, tender and juicy every time whether it be in a burrito, on a soft corn tortilla taco or on top of one of our fresh salads. For a change try our dry rubbed tofu or marinated fish tacos.

20 Facts You Need To Know About Burrito Splendido:
1. Did you know that we use only 100% Manitoba produced flour to make whole wheat and white flour tortillas? It's a fact.

2. Did you know that all of our pork is 100% Manitoba pork? It's a fact.

3. Did you know that we only use Granny's Chicken from right here in Manitoba to make our Adobo Chicken? It's a fact.

4. Did you know Burrito Splendido started in Winnipeg? Locally owned, operated and conceptualized? It's a fact.

5. Did you know that Burrito Splendido is a "deep fryer free" zone? It's a fact.

6. Did you know that Burrito Splendido stocks up to 10 different flavours of Jarritos? It's a fact.

7. Did you know that Burrito Splendido's soft tacos are made with La Cocina corn tortillas, made in St. Anne Manitoba? It's a fact.

8. Did you know that every 100% Manitoba flour tortilla is pressed and grilled to order? You can't get fresher than that. It's a fact.

9. Did you know that Burrito Splendido uses Peak of the Market Veggies wherever possible? Unfortunately they don't grow avocados in Manitoba. It's a fact.

10. Did you know our Barbacoa Beef is shredded brisket and chuck, marinated for 24 hours then slow cooked for 10 hours? It's a fact.

11. Did you know our fish tacos are not deep fried and made with Manitoba Whitefish, caught way up north, near The Pas? It's a fact.

12. Did you know that we make our own Queso Fresco in house every day? It's a fresh cheese, kinda like feta but not as sharp and not as salty. It's a fact.

13. Did you know that Burrito Splendido uses local Bothwell Cheese for our shredded cheese blend? It makes the tastiest, meltiest quesadillas ever. It's a fact.

14. Did you know our Mexi-slaw is made with Peak of the Market Veggies in a lime-cilantro-cumin dressing and has a cult following? It's a fact.

15. Did you know that the first manager of our St. Mary's location was named Raphael and was from Mexico City? Further to that, and more importantly, he showed us how to make his mother's recipe for chorizo sausage. Raf's moved to Vancouver now but you can still have his mom's chorizo everyday at Burrito Splendido. It's a fact.

16. Did you know that you can get our Burritos at The Winnipeg Folk Festival and that Burrito Splendido's owner, Ken, plays the banjo, albeit very poorly? It's a fact.

17. Did you know that our menu was developed to cater to a host dietary restrictions and preferences? Lacto ovo, lacto, gluten intolerance, nut allergy, vegan, paleo, just fussy...bring it on. It's a fact.

18. Did you know that if you like our food and service you should go on our review sites and tell the world? If you don't like our food and service forget I mentioned it but let us know at info@burritosplendido.com. It's a fact.

19. Did you know that we are genuinely grateful to our community and our guests? It's a fact.